HCAI & Death Certification

Healthcare Acquired Infection & Certification of Death

It is a matter of clinical judgment by the certifying doctor to decide whether a condition present at or just before death contributed to the patient’s death.
In the case of HCAI the certifying clinician may choose to clarify the laboratory findings with a consultant microbiologist but this is not compulsory.
Additional guidance can be found in the CMO letter (PL/CMO/2007/8) and in guidance from the ONS Death Certification Advisory Group.
When a HCAI is included in either Part I or II of the death certificate the death should be reported to the coroner and as an SUI.

ONS Guidance for Doctors Completing Medical Certificates of Cause of Death

GPC Confirmation and Certification of Death

GMC Certification / Post-mortems / Referral to Coroner

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