GP Retainer Scheme in the North East

A summary by Dr Paula Wright, Adviser on Sessional GPs, Health Education North East. March 2014 Purpose and benefits: The scheme provide opportunities to retain doctors in the GP workforce through a part-time commitment. For many GPs these posts provide an important means to sustain their input to general practice whilst they have well founded reasons to limit… Read More »

Work Creep

The LMC is keen to address the increasing amount of un-resourced work that is being pushed into general practices. In order to do this we would invite practice managers, GPs and their staff to let us have examples of work that they have been asked to undertake particularly by colleagues in secondary care either directly or as part… Read More » guidance for GPs / PMs

Since the LMCs last blog on, the BMA has been trying to clarify the responsibilities of GP practices as there is a potential conflict between two pieces of legislation with serious implications for practices. As a result of this work: · Additional guidance has been developed · The rollout of has been deferred until Spring 2014… Read More »

Guidance on collaborative GP alliances and federations and sharing staff

The GPs’ Committee has produced guidance for practices considering forming alliances or federations. It gives advice on what practices should explore before taking decisions, possible structural and legal models and provides case studies on the different organisations some GPs have already created. Related to the guidance on alliances and federations, the GPs’ Committee has also produced advice on… Read More » is a forthcoming extract of patient data commissioned by NHS England. The intention of the scheme is to make increased use of the information in medical records in order to improve the quality of care for patients. The service is one of the first initiatives to use the powers of the Health and Social Care Act 2012… Read More »


Supporting documents on have now been published and are available at the link below: The documents include: An updated joint statement between the RCGP, BMA. NHS England and HSCIC Updated GP Guidance A GP practice toolkit, including a checklist Updated GP FAQs Updated patient FAQs Practices will soon receive an email containing links to these resources… Read More »

GPC communications – letter to the profession, survey and blog

As mentioned in the newly elected GPC Chairman’s (Dr Chaand Nagpaul) letter to the profession, the GPC is launching a survey today of English GPs on the impact of the imposed changes to their contract. The survey covers some vitally important areas such as workload, morale, funding and expenses. It also covers the levels of engagement with CCGs,… Read More »

Medicines Waste Campaign

Local CCGs have launched a Medicines Waste Campaign. The LMC is pleased to support this initiative and hopes that practices will take participate with the aim of reducing wasted medicines. Your CCG can provide further information and promotional material.