Relaunch of CDD LMC Website

By | 1 July 2013

As the NHS reforms and GP contract changes move into another phase County Durham and Darlington Local Medical Committee is keen to improve its communication with its constituents. Rather than a regular newsletter we will be posting information and useful links as they arise.  We will try not to burden you with unnecessary material that will reach you from other sources but we will provide additional details of issues that impact on primary care and GPs.

In the past we have worked hard in the background on behalf of colleagues in a variety of ways but we have been somewhat reticent about publicising our successes.  We intend to publish an annual report shortly that will give you details of the work that the LMC undertakes and we would welcome your thoughts on how it might be able to help you in the future.

To close this initial offering I would draw your attention to the revamped BMA website.  A variety of information useful to both GPs and Practice Managers can be found at